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Our company was established in Istanbul in 1999 and has survived to this day with an understanding that aims at innovation and progress.

We work 24/7 to deliver excellence to our customers’ experiences. We are here to contact you and assist you.

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Congress Stand

What is a Congress Stand?

Congresses are environments where national or international companies come together and hold meetings where different opinions and information are collected and new ideas are formed.

Congress stands are stand systems that can be adapted to different square meters and are often designed to suit more than one installation. In order to best reflect the desired message and the corporate identity of the company, congress stand systems are generally made of wood. However, Maxima stands, Glass Panel Stands or vinyl wall applications are also sometimes preferred as congress stands.

Wooden Stand

What is a Wooden Stand?

Different and Stylish Stand Types Specially Prepared for Your Requests. MDF, chipboard, raw wood, plywood etc. are produced in the special shape you want. In addition to the ready-made stands, optional designs can also be made. Wooden stands are manufactured as assembled and disassembled in the desired size. When manufacturing a special stand, mass production of the stands is made after design and sample approval is received.

enmed kongre stant tasarımı

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We Have Done Important Work

It is not possible to separate one of our hundreds of stand applications from the other. We showed the same care to all of them.

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